“How can I be an architect – I can’t draw”

ninja drawings
“How can I be an architect – I can’t draw?”

This question keeps pooping up in many ones mind before opting for architectural course.

Well but the secret is , as even many Architects would agree to is..

you don’t have to know!!

following is the excerpt from one of my favorite blog : “Life of an architect” ..

“How good do you need to be at drawing if you want to become an architect”

“How can I be an architect – I can’t draw”

I wish I got one frequent flyer mile every time I heard one of those two questions … I would have like 300 miles. Okay, I should choose a different analogy but the point is that it comes up a lot. I’ve got a secret to share …. come closer …. closer….

You don’t have to draw well to be an architect!!

Sure it doesn’t hurt but let’s pull the curtain back and be honest here for a minute. Architects communicate through drawing – we aren’t making art. Surprise!! I don’t know that many architects that can draw really well and with the proliferation of computers, it’s a skill set that is rapidly disappearing.That’s too bad – it’s a good skill to develop.

Did you catch that I said skill and not art? Drawing – or sketching in the case of what architects need – is a skill that anyone can develop with a little training and some practice. If you’ve seen the t-shirts I’m making (go here if you haven’t, try and buy one) I have little hieroglyphs on each one that I drew and the shocker here is that I am not that good at drawing … but I’m not the worst either. Let’s start with something simple – the CAD Ninja hieroglyph

ninja drawings

The first sketch is a wire diagram where I blocked out the rough shapes. I can’t really draw hands of feet (it’s true – look at any of my “people sketches”). I then laid a piece of trace paper over the top and went over the shape with a single line to clean it up a bit. Lastly, I took it into Photoshop to make it the hieroglyph I used in my t-shirt design. Unless you are a 12-year-old boy, you probably won’t have practiced drawing 1,000′s of ninja’s before so working it through a process is how you get from beginning to end.

drawing icons in my sketchbook

Here is a page scanned in from my sketchbook. This is where I was sketching out some ideas for other hieroglyphs – none of these are drawn very well but you can probably tell what most of them are – that’s the communicating part of drawing. How does this translate into architecture? Let’s take a look at some real life, un-edited sketches I did yesterday in the course of doing my job.”


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